Introducing, "Honey Jar"

Sometime during Lena's sixth grade, she began writing story after story, never finishing any one of them.  I reminded her about the elements of a story, that they should have a beginning middle and end.  And before putting pen to paper it was a good idea to have a rough idea of where your story was going and how it would end.

Then, as Lena was getting ready to leave for Camp Tawonga, I was inspired by her love of stories and authors AA Milne who wrote for their children, to write Lena a story, bit by bit, and send it to her while she was at camp.  Before she left I mailed a care package from Tala and I and did just what I had counseled Lena against.  With no idea of what I was writing I just wrote a couple of sentences while in the post office.  I had to make it catchy so she would look forward to the next letter.  I took a picture of it so I would be able to continue the story at home:

And because I had no idea of where this story was going or how it would end, it meandered a bit and I didn't finish it before she got home.  I think I sent her three more installments before she left camp. A year later and I still haven't finished it. Haven't touched it, really.

Well, She's going to be going off to camp again this summer in one week, and I'm determined to finish this story  I thought I would put some public pressure on myself and publish it here in the blog.

Now don't judge me harshly, Lena is the writer.  But I do enjoy writing from time to time.

Stay tuned for the next bit of the story.

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