Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to School Honey Fundraiser a Great Success!

Following up on the fun of The Garden Bazaar, The Second Garden, Sugarplop Jams, and Brodie and Frankie's Love Bites had the first of three fundraisers yesterday.  Over 50 people visited the bees of The Garden and went home with some honey.  In doing so they helped to support 9 different schools! Denman, Miraloma, SF Community, K9 Comrades, SOTA, Sunnyside, Glen Park, Lowell, and Glenridge Coop each got a piece of the $387 raised!

Me and Candace

Ajaccio helps pour honey for his family

Thank you Candace for hanging out in the heat of The Garden with me raising money with your yummy jams and dog treats, Lena for helping make all the wonderful beeswax products with me, Adena for hosting one of my bee hives and giving up half a day to help me extract all the honey for the fundraiser, and Bill for taking these wonderful pictures.

I took this picture 

At the end of the day, all I had left were two packages of honeycomb and a few of the gift sizes of honey. I still have lots of lotion for sale, and the bees are busy making more honey for September 2nd when we raise money for Or Shalom Jewish Community, so I'm looking forward to another successful fundraiser.

Until then, stay sweet! 

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