Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Join me for a hive inspection!

Get up close and personal with my bee hives!

This Saturday, July 25th, I am inviting 3 lucky people to join me in a routine hive inspection.  We'll check on the health of the hives (one I already know isn't doing well :( - but I've ordered a new queen) and remove one or more frames of honey for later extraction. Afterwards we'll share some mead and honey that we just worked to remove from the hive! This is not a class. Just a chance to hang out with the bees, and see what a typical inspection is like. A donation of $25 will be greatly appreciated! 

I have 3 veils, but no other protective gear.  Inspite of what you may have seen on TV or YouTube, a body suit is really not necessary.  Some bee keepers do their bee keeping in shorts and a t-shirt! I think that's asking for trouble, so I always wear my veil, gloves and long shirt and pants.  When I have gotten stung through my clothes, it's not really a proper sting. Her stinger gets stuck in my clothes and not my skin.  Still hurts, but not as much, doesn't swell nearly as much, or last as long as a sting directly on the skin. 

So if you are one of the lucky few to join me, wear long sleeves and pants, closed toed shoes, and bring gloves (garden gloves would be great).

If you are interested in joining me, leave a comment or email me (babacarter@mac.com). If this is successful I'll do it again sometime soon.

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